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Oh, did I mention? We're Going Fishing. Actually, we're always fishing, but we've stopped shipping pies for the time being, and we might not ship again for a while either.

Care to know why?Please read on...

As inflated as our last prices were for pies shipped overnight (a whopping $84.00 for one-pie), it was a losing proposition for us. Our shipper at the time, Douie, Houie and Louie (DHL) had been chosen on account of a heavily discounted rate, but the old "you get what you pay for" adage prevailed. A limited overnight delivery area and numerous delays (not good when shipping a perishable product) caused us to operate at a loss. We are pursuing a viable alternative but I cannot say that there is a projected date when we will be shipping again.

Unfortunately I cannot offer you an alternative in light of our decision not to ship. I know there are others out there but I cannot attest to anyone else's commitment to quality and consistency as I can to my own. My best recommendation if you're looking for one to consume at home, make your own. You might easily come across some key limes, as they are getting more distribution these days, or simply use fresh squeezed Persian (regular) limes. Under no circumstances should you bend to the temptation to use bottled juice from concentrate, unless you're stripping paint or removing rust. Fresh ingredients always trump (even minimally) processed ingredients. If you decide to go this route, look for the simple 5-ingredient recipe available all over the internet (Graham crumbs & butter crust -make your own please- filling of sweetened and condensed milk, egg yolks and fresh squeezed lime juice).

Although I have no immediate plans to resume shipping pies, it is something we will be doing again. If you care to, please send us an email and we'll let you know when we have found an equitable arrangement for both you and us. I apologize for this, but please understand that resumption of shipping requires  great deal of commitment on our end; we want to do it right and we want you to be satisfied.

Please send us an email via our contact page and we'll let you know when we're back on track.


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